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This offering consists of a boomerang made from Red Gum, which is stone cut and smoothed by hand and dates from the mid 19th century, as well as a Mulga wood souvenir boomerang from the Devil's Marbels inscribed thus, and The Northern Territory 1945. The latter shows file marks indicating steel tools were used to make it. Both of these are of small proportions, suggesting they were made for children. The Red Gum boomerang feels suitably weighted to be used to knock down and kill small animals e.g. birds, which could then be eaten, whereas the Mulga one is more of a shelf model.   

The Red Gum boomerang spans 460 mm and at its widest it is 48 mm. The Mulga one spans 320 mm and is 37 mm at its widest. Both boomerangs have original finish and the Red Gum has not been cleaned at all.


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