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Metal Wood Screws - G.G. Jenkinson

Metal Wood Screws - G.G. Jenkinson

The book "Metal Wood Screws" charts the development of iron screws as fixing devices from the earliest times to the end of the 19th century.  Threaded devices advanced with technology and the early German lathes of the 15th century were producing turned iron threads for use by gunsmiths and armourers. Leonardo da Vinci, c 1500, produced sketches that outlined an internal thread cutting device (ie a "tap") and a branch of the blacksmith trade began to specialize in producing threads for fixing to wood. The development of screw cutting lathes and the transformation of screw making form cottage industry to industrial enterprise is described in detail, with the major inventions and advancements reviewed by reference to some 600 patents.

Of particular interest to restores, conservators, archaeologists, heritage architects, curators and antique dealers are the useful points necessary to identify wood screws from the various eras of history. Furniture, particularly, is usually dated by its style and by its original hardware. The screws holding locks in place, or hings, may give valuable clues to the age of a piece, and support the attribution of age. The book, then, is an invaluable aid for all these people who for professional reasons want an authoritative guide to assist in assessing the age of wood screws. However it is also useful for interested amateurs of all descriptions who are curious to discover the evolution of these small fixing devices that have charged the look of the world we live in. 

Metal Wood Screws: The evolution & history
by G.G. Jenkinson
Published in Australia 1999
ISBN: 0646369199 (0-646-36919-9)
ISBN-13/EAN: 9780646369198

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