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Welcome to Jenkinson Antiques - an ever changing cabinet of curiosities! This website was launched mid December 2012 and we will add quantities of interesting new stock each week, so be sure to visit us again.

We are based in Adelaide but we discover our eclectic mix of treasures worldwide.  Our collection blends antiques and vintage items highlighting Australiana.

You will find on our site the unusual, the eclectic and the eccentric, ranging from architectural fittings to furniture to glassware and plenty in between.

Art mingles with artisan products, antiques and stories of how and where and why these came to be….. Read the articles in our News section.

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Jenkinson Antiques are pleased to announce that, acting under the instructions from the executor of the estate of Christopher Pearson (1951-2013), they have inventoried and helped catalogue the contents of his Adelaide residence at Hurtle Square and his country house at Delamere for sale through Mossgreen Auctions in Melbourne. The Australiana Auction will be held on 3 June 2014 and the other items will be auctioned in the The Autumn Auction Series on 17 June 2014.

Items in the sale include quality Georgian mahogany furniture, Artworks including a rare Cressida Campbell woodblock painting, a good selection of Hester Bateman sterling silver, important colonial cedar furniture, and many fine and rare books of Australian interest. The images show some of the items on offer.

Christopher Pearson (1951-2013)

Christopher Pearson

Christopher Pearson is remembered as a conservative commentator in The Australian, as the major editorial force that propelled The Adelaide Review from a floundering 1984 beginning to the high quality publication it had become when he sold it in 2002, as the manager of the Wakefield Press and as speech writer for John Howard. 

The Adelaide Review attracted national attention over its articles on contentious issues, such as the Hindmarsh Island affair and SA's State Bank disaster, as well as providing Tony Abbott with the opportunity to become a regular columnist over the next decade.

Abbott and Pearson formed a close friendship that saw Pearson edit Abbott's 'Battlelines" and likewise cast his critical eye over pretty much all Abbott's speeches and articles for 16 years.  Pearson served on the boards of the Australia Council, The Museum of Australia and SBS.  He was often revered by the political Right and reviled by the Left, but his conversion to Catholicism in 1999 marked the emergence of a religious conservatism that perfused his commentary thereafter, creating new friends and enemies alike.

Pearson-46  Pearson-143

In friendship he was warm, open, generous and kindly, but in adversity darkness descended.  He wrote enthusiastically on matters antiquarian and epicurean, often with avuncular charm.

His contribution to the Australian Literary scene, particularly through his work at The Adelaide Review, his genius for friendships across a broad spectrum of society and his work assisting those with their hands draped in political power will long be remembered.

Pearson loved life, culture, food, wine and all the trappings, warmly boasting that he was addicted to his creature comforts.  Historical objects and cabinets of curiosities attracted him too and his collection shows a strong historical interest, a particular passion for fine books, Australiana and silver. Georgian furniture mixes comfortably with early 19th Century Pondicherry angels with Huguenot silver standing under their Catholic wings.

Pearson's Living Room 

In his city dining room, a monumental English bracket clock made for the Turkish market smiles at a rare Cressida Campbell woodblock across the room, and nearby, a wonderfully austere early Colonial cedar bookcase, circa 1830, from the collection of Dr Clifford Craig, the Tasmanian author of renown, holds rare printed treasures such as G Belzoni's two volumes of "Researches and Operations in Egypt and Nubia", London 1820.

A carved marble bust of Vishnu

Hester Bateman silver, Georgian glassware, marble and the rarest of rare, a Jain Indian sandstone carving from antiquity all crowd together to make a statement that his many friends knew already - that he was passionate about life and the best it had to offer.

This collection, gathered from Pearson's Hurtle Square 19th Century terrace house and his 1848 country property "Glenview" at Delamere, reflects the breadth of his interest.  The objects speak for themselves.



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